ASTER Global DEM (GDEM) available!

Good news! It was just announced that NASA/METI released today the 30m global (83degreesNS, about 22600 scenes) ASTER GDEM based on 1,264,118 single ASTER dems from 1.4 million scenes in total. (95% vertical ci: 20 meters, 95% horizontal ci: 30 meters). [Read More]

Enceladus may have a subsurface ocean

The Nature article “Sodium salts in E-ring ice grains from an ocean below the surface of Enceladus” by F. Postberg et al., discusses the possibility of a liquid subsurface ocean in Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Here follows the abstract. The full paper can be viewed by Nature’s subscribers. [Read More]

Amazing Optical Illusion

Just the other day I was going through some Remote Sensing books, preparing a class on color theory. It is just cool the way our brain works and how it changes our perception of colors. Our brain always try to identify the color (or shade of gray) by comparing it... [Read More]