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Here you can find a list of the papers I published, as well as some selected conference abstracts.

I intend to keep an open access copy of my papers at at, which means that you can read them even without a subscription to the publisher, but be warned that most of these are postprints created from the “accepted manuscript” (that is, they have the exact same content of the final published version, but lack the typesetting of the publisher). For a final version, please refer to the publisher’s website (which may be behind a paywall).

And if you use reference managers (you should), you can get a file with all my publications: BibTex format: here (good for JabRef, Zotero and a bazillion others) RIS format: here (good for Mendeley or EndNote) (last update: 2017-05-30)


Journal Articles

34 - Pupim, F.N., Kern, A.K., Sawakuchi, A.O., Stern, A., Ribas, C.C., Grohmann C.H., C.C.M., Bertassoli Jr.D., J., Cruz, F., Hartmann, G., Savian, J., Cracraft, J., Tamura, L., Almeida, R.P., Mineli, T., 2019. Chronology of Terra Firme formation in Amazonian lowlands reveals a dynamic Quaternary landscape.
Quaternary Science Reviews, 210:154-163.

33 - Viana, C.D., Grohmann, C.H., Busarello, M.T.S., Garcia, G.P.B., 2018. Structural analysis of clastic dikes using Structure from Motion - Multi-View Stereo: a case-study in the Paraná Basin, southeastern Brazil.
Brazilian Journal of Geology, 48(4):839-852. (open access)

32 - Grohmann, C.H., 2018. Evaluation of TanDEM-X DEMs on selected Brazilian sites: comparison with SRTM, ASTER GDEM and ALOS AW3D30.
Remote Sensing of Environment, 212C:121-133.
Preprint available at arXiv:1709.05016 [physics.geo-ph] (open access)

31 - Sawakuchi, A.O., Jain, M., Mineli, T.D., Nogueira, L., Bertassoli Jr., D.J., Häggi, C., Sawakuchi, H.O., Pupim, F.N., Grohmann, C.H., Chiessi, C.M., Zabel, M., Mulitza, S., Mazoca, C.E.M., 2018. Luminescence of quartz and feldspar fingerprints provenance and correlates with the source area denudation in the Amazon River basin.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 492:152-162.

30 - Riccomini, C., Grohmann, C.H., 2017. Increasing the international visibility of the Brazilian Journal of Geology.
Brazilian Journal of Geology. 47:1 (open access)

29 - Rauen, V.A.B., Grohmann, C.H., Goveia, S.S., Mioto, C.L., Marini, L.B., Paranhos Filho, A.C., Almeida, M.H.T., 2016. Geotecnologias na Determinação da Vulnerabilidade à Ocorrência de Vazamentos em Redes de Abastecimento de Água.
Geociências (São Paulo). 35:414-425 (open access)

28 - Grohmann, C.H., 2016. Comparative Analysis of Global Digital Elevation Models and Ultra-Prominent Mountain Peaks.
ISPRS Annals of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences. III-4:17-23 (open access)
python script available on GitHub

27 - Viana, C.D., Endlein, A., Campanha, G.A.C., Grohmann, C.H., 2016. Algorithms for Extraction of Structural Attitudes from 3D Outcrop Models.
Computers & Geosciences. 90:112-122

26 - Sawakuchi, A.O., Hartmann, G.A., Sawakuchi, H.O., Pupim, F.N., Bertassoli, D.J., Parra, M., Antinao, J.L., Sousa, L.M., Sabaj Pérez, M.H., Oliveira, P.E., Santos, R.A., Savian, J.F., Grohmann, C.H., Medeiros, V.B., McGlue, M.M., Bicudo, D.C., and Faustino, S.B., 2015. The Volta Grande do Xingu: reconstruction of past environments and forecasting of future scenarios of a unique Amazonian fluvial landscape.
Scientific Driling: 20:21-32 (open access)

25 - Giannini, P.C.F., Assine, M.L., Basilici, G., Grohmann, C.H., 2015. Excerpts from the 6th Latin American Congress of Sedimentology.
Brazilian Journal of Geology. 45:1-2 (open access)

24 - Grohmann, C.H., 2015. Effects of spatial resolution on slope and aspect derivation for regional-scale analysis.
Computers & Geosciences. 77:111-117
python script available on GitHub
Postprint available at (open access)

23 - Nascimento Jr., D.R., Sawakuchi, A.O., Guedes, C.C.F., Giannini, P.C.F., Grohmann, C.H., Ferreira, M.P., 2015. Provenance of sands from the confluence of the Amazon and Madeira rivers based on detrital heavy minerals and luminescence of quartz and feldspar.
Sedimentary Geology. 316:1-12.

22 – Tennant, J.P. et al., 2014. Open Letter to The American Association for the Advancement of Science.
The Winnower. 2:e140813.35294. (open access)

21 – Quaglio, F., Grohmann, C.H., Fairchild, T.R., 2014. Como fazer relatórios em Geociências [How to Prepare Undergraduate Term Papers in Geosciences].
Terrae Didatica. 10:105-120. (open access)

20 – Henrique-Pinto, R., Janasi, V.A., Carvalho, B.B., Calado, B.O., Grohmann, C.H., 2014. Integrated geological map of the São Roque Domain, North of São Paulo City – Brazil.
Journal of Maps. 10:434-439.
Map (via figshare)

19 – Jacques, P.D., Salvador, E.D., Machado, R., Grohmann, C.H., Nummer, A.R., 2014. Application of morphometry in neotectonic studies at the eastern edge of the Paraná Basin, Santa Catarina State, Brazil.
Geomorphology. 213:13-23.

18 - Grohmann, C.H., Miliaresis, G., 2013. Geological applications of digital terrain analysis. (Editorial, Special Issue – Geological applications of digital terrain analysis).
International Journal of Geographical Information Science. 27:1403-1404
Postprint available at (open access)

17 - Grohmann, C.H., Sawakuchi, A.O., 2013. Influence of cell size on volume calculation using digital terrain models: a case of coastal dune fields.
Geomorphology. 180-181:130-136
Postprint available at (open access)

16 - Grohmann, C.H., Riccomini, C., 2012. Análise digital de terreno e evolução de longo-termo de relevo do centro-leste brasileiro.
Geologia USP, Série Científica. 12:129-150 (open access)
Also available at (open access)

15 – Simoes, M.G., Quaglio, F., Warren, L.V., Anelli, L.E., Stone, P., Riccomini, C., Grohmann, C.H., Chamani, M.A.C. 2012. Permian non-marine bivalves of the Falkland Islands and their palaeoenvironmental significance.
Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology. 36:543-554

14 - Grohmann, C.H., Riccomini, C., Chamani, M.A., 2011. Regional scale analysis of landform configuration with base-level (isobase) maps.
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 15:1493-1504 (open access)

13 - Grohmann, C.H., Smith, M.J., Riccomini, C., 2011. Multiscale Analysis of Topographic Surface Roughness in the Midland Valley, Scotland.
Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on. 49:1200-1213
Postprint available at (open access)

12 – Grohmann, C.H., Riccomini, C., Chamani, M.A., 2011. Regional scale analysis of landform configuration with base-level maps.
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions. 8:89-110 (open access)

11 – Rodrigues, S.W.O., Archanjo, C.J., Grohmann, C.H., 2010. Quantificação da deformação finita nos metagranitóides Cariris Velhos na Região de Alagoa Grande (PB).
Geologia USP. Série Científica.10:57-78 (open access)
Also available at (open access)

10 – Campanha, G.A.C., Warren, L., Boggiani, P.C., Grohmann, C.H., Cáceres, A.A., 2010. Structural analysis of the Itapucumí Group in the Vallemí region, northern Paraguay: Evidence of a new Brasiliano/Pan-African mobile belt.
Journal of South American Earth Sciences. 30:1-11

09 - Grohmann, C.H., Riccomini,C., 2009. Comparison of roving-window and search-window techniques for characterising landscape morphometry.
Computers & Geosciences. 35:2164-2169
Postprint available at (open access)

08 - Grohmann, C.H., Riccomini, C., Steiner, S.S., 2008. Aplicações dos modelos de elevação SRTM em geomorfologia.
Revista Geográfica Acadêmica 2:73-83 (open access)
Postprint available at (open access)

07 - Grohmann, C.H., Steiner, S.S., 2008. SRTM resample with Short Distance-Low Nugget Kriging.
International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 22 (8):895-906.
Postprint available at (open access)

06 - Grohmann, C.H., Riccomini, C., Alves, F.M., 2007. SRTM-based morphometric analysis of the Poços de Caldas Alkaline Massif, southeastern Brazil.
Computers & Geosciences, 33 (1):10-19.
Postprint available at (open access)

05 - Grohmann,C.H., 2006. Resampling SRTM 03”-data with kriging.
GRASS/OSGeo News, 4:20-25.
Available at (open access)

04 - Grohmann,C.H., 2006. r.roughness – a new tool for morphometric analysis in GRASS.
GRASS/OSGeo News, 4:17-19.
Available at (open access)

03 - Grohmann, C.H., 2005. Trend-surfaces analysis of morphometric parameters: A case study in southeastern Brazil.
Computers & Geosciences, 31 (8):1007-1014.
Postprint available at (open access)

02 - Grohmann, C.H. 2004. Morphometric analysis in Geographic Information Systems: applications of free software GRASS and R.
Computers & Geosciences, 30 (9-10):1055-1067.
Postprint available at (open access)

01 – Santos, L.P., Campos Neto, M.C., Grohmann, C. H., 2004. Metamorphic path constrained by metapelitic rocks from the inner Aiuruoca-Andrelândia Nappe, south of the São Francisco Craton, SE Brazil.
Journal of South American Earth Sciences,16(8):725-741.


Book Chapters

Grohmann, C.H., Hargitai, H. 2015. Surface Roughness.
In: Hargitai, H., Kereszturi, A. (eds). Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms.
Springer New York.

Riccomini C., Grohmann, C.H., Sant’Anna, L.G., Hiruma, S.T., 2008. A captura das cabeceiras do Rio Tietê pelo Rio Paraíba do Sul.
In: Modenesi-Gauttieri, M.C.; Bartorelli, A.; Lisboa, M.A.L.; Mantesso-Neto, V.(Org.). O geógrafo Aziz Nacib Ab’Sáber.


Selected Abstracts

Grohmann, C.H.; Viana, C.D.; Garcia, G.P.B; Albuquerque, R.W.; Barale, F.; Ferretti, F.A., 2019. Semi-Automatic UAV-based SfM survey of vertical surfaces.
XIX Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing. Santos, SP.

Garcia, G.P.B; Gomes, E.B.; Viana, C.D.; Grohmann, C.H., 2019. Comparing Terrestrial Laser Scanner and UAV-based photogrammetry to generate a landslide DEM.
XIX Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing. Santos, SP.

Barale, F.; Grohmann, C.H., 2019. Photoscan x COLMAP: comparação entre DEMs gerados por Structure from Motion–Multi-View Stereo.
XIX Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing. Santos, SP.

Albuquerque, R.W.; Ferreira, M.E.; Girão, V.J.; Balieiro, C.P.; Mansur, H.; Costa, J.V.S.; Grohmann, C.H., 2019. Comparação de RPAS e TOPODATA no mapeamento de regiões declivosas previstas no Cadastro Ambiental Rural.
XIX Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing. Santos, SP.

Santos, L.F.; Grohmann, C.H., 2019. Processamento fotogramétrico digital por Structure from Motion de imagens obtidas em voos de diferentes alturas sobre o solo.
XIX Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing. Santos, SP.

Grohmann, C.H.; Viana, C.D.; Busarello, M.T.S.; Garcia, G.P.B., 2018. Structural analysis of clastic dikes based on Structure from Motion/Multi-View Stereo.
Geomorphometry 2018 Conference. Boulder, CO.
Available at PeerJ Preprints (open access)

Grohmann, C.H., 2015. ‘Radiography of the Amazon’ DSM/DTM data: comparative analysis with SRTM, ASTER GDEM.
Geomorphometry 2015, Poznam, Poland. Proceedings.
PDF (open access)

Kahwage, R.S.N., Grohmann, C.H., 2013. Análise geomorfométrica da região da folha Capão Bonito (SG-22-X-B-III), SE do estado de São Paulo: Implicações neotectônicas na porção sul da Serra de Paranapiacaba e Gráben de Sete Barras.
XVI Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing, Foz do Iguaçu. Anais. (PDF via figshare)

Grohmann, C.H., 2013. Effects of spatial resolution on slope and aspect derivation for regional-scale analysis.
Geomorphometry 2013, Nanjing, China. Proceedings.
PDF (open access)

Grohmann, C.H., Riccomini, C., Sawakuchi, A.O., 2012. Tectonic controls on the capture of the Orinoco river and formation of the Casiquiare canal, Venezuela.
GSA Annual Meeting 2012, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. PDF Presentation available at figshare:

Grohmann, C.H., Campanha, G.A.C., Soares Junior, A.D., 2011. OpenStereo: um programa Livre e multiplataforma para análise de dados estruturais.
XIII Simpósio Nacional de Estudos Tectônicos, Campinas, SP. Anais. (PDF via figshare)

Grohmann, C.H., Campanha, G.A.C., 2010. OpenStereo: Open Source, Cross-Platform Software for Structural Geology Analysis.
AGU Fall Meeting 2010, San Francisco, California, USA.

Hengl, T., Grohmann, C.H., Bivand, R.S., Conrad, O., Lobo, A., 2009. SAGA vs GRASS: A Comparative Analysis of the Two Open Source Desktop GIS for the Automated Analysis of Elevation Data.
Geomorphometry 2009, Zürich, Switzerland. Proceedings.
PDF (open access)

Grohmann, C.H., Campos Neto, M.C., 2002. Extrusion-related extensional signatures under high-pressure nappe compressional regime.
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências. 74(3):541-542. (open access)

Carvalho, C.H.G., Karmann, I., 1999. Caracterização Geomorfológica da Serra André Lopes.
VII SIICUSP, São Paulo, SP. Anais, p.274. (PDF via figshare)



Grohmann, C.H., 2010. Coastal Dune Fields of Garopaba and Vila Nova, Santa Catarina State, Brazil.
Data provided by FAPESP grant 2009/17675-5.


Magazine Articles

Grohmann, C.H., 2006. r.roughness – a new tool for morphometric analysis in GRASS-GIS. PositionIT, March/April:31-32.


GRASS-GIS Tutorials and Add-ons


Geoprocessamento com GRASS-GIS (2016) – (via figshare, 80 Mb, updated 26/Jul/2016)
Dados de exemplo: links disponíveis no texto.

Geoprocessamento com Software Livre: GRASS-GIS e QGIS (2012) – (via figshare, 21 Mb, updated 12/Oct/2012)
Dados de exemplo: links disponíveis no texto.

A very brief introduction to GRASS-GIS using the fishcamp dataset (2009) – (via figshare, 3 Mb, updated 30/Sep/2009)
Example data: follow links in text.

Introdução à Análise Digital de Terreno com GRASS-GIS (2008) – (via figshare, 11 Mb, updated 18/Jan/2008)
Dados de exemplo: SRTM (.bil) | SRTM (.tif) | SRTM (.hgt) | shapefile

Add-ons – is a port of r.denoise from bash to python. Originally written by John Stevenson, its purpose is to remove noise (smooth/despeckle) from topographic data, particular DEMs derived from radar data (including SRTM), using Xianfang Sun’s denoising algorithm. It is designed to preserve sharp edges and to denoise with minimal changes to the original data. – is a python script to calculate the surface roughness of a DEM as vector dispersion, using a moving-window approach Grohmann et al., 2011. IEEE Trans.Geos.Rem.Sens..
Resulting maps are: Vector Strength (R) and Inverted Fisher’s k parameter. This script is updated for GRASS-GIS version 7. Contributions to the code by Helmut Kudrnovsky.

(old) r.roughness – is a GRASS-GIS (versions 6.1 or above) shell script to calculate the surface roughness of a DEM, using and (uses sh as shell. Use r.roughness_bash, if you run bash).

(old) r.roughness60 – for GRASS-GIS versions 6.0.x.

(old) azimuth.c – is a small C program to calculate the azimuth and length of vector lines exported by GRASS-GIS as ASCII files. It is useful for create rose diagrams of lineament maps. Improvements on the original code after suggestions by Örs Téglásy, Hungary.

See all GRASS AddOns

You can also check the code for these AddOns at my GitHub page.


Other Documents (Mixed Portuguese and English)

Grohmann, C.H., 2008. Análise digital de terreno do centro-leste brasileiro.
Unpublished DSc (PhD) Thesis
Institute of Geosciences, University of São Paulo, Brazil. (Mixed Portuguese and English)
Available at the University of São Paulo Digital Library.

Grohmann, C.H., 2004. Técnicas de geoprocessamento aplicadas a análise morfométrica.
Unpublished MSc Thesis
Institute of Geosciences, University of São Paulo, Brazil. (Mixed Portuguese and English)
Available at the University of São Paulo Digital Library.

Carvalho, C.H. Grohmann, 2001. Assinaturas extensionais relacionadas à extrusão sob regime compressional de nappe de alta pressão.
Unpublished undergrad monograph
Institute of Geosciences, University of São Paulo, Brazil. (In Portuguese) (PDF via figshare)

Carvalho, C.H.Grohmann, 1999. O carste da Serra André Lopes.
Relatório final de Iniciação Científica PIBIC/CNPq.
Unpublished undergrad monograph
Institute of Geosciences, University of São Paulo, Brazil. (In Portuguese) (PDF via figshare)