New site layout

Feb 3, 2019 • CarlosGrohmann

If you are reading this it means my website is… alive and well! And you can see that this website has changed a bit. It loads faster, the visual is different (cleaner, I hope) and it works on all screen sizes (well, maybe not on a Nokia 3310).

The reason for all these wonderful features? Jekyll.

Jekyll is a Static Site Generator (SSG), meaning you create your content in simple text files using a markup language like markdown, and Jekyll converts it to a HTML/CSS static web page. That simple. No need for databases or complex stuff.

I found out about Jekyll when I decided to create the website for my Lab, the SPAMLab. That website is a Github page, hosted directly from our GitHub repository and build automatically every time you commit changes to the repository.

I bought my domain with, and they have a nice support page explaining how to serve your website through github pages. In this way, I can easily make the changes I want, commit only once (to github) and have my website both at and at