Twitter and email acronyms

This is just FYI, but if you’re lost in the middle of all the acronyms going around, this might be useful. maybe you find yourself LOL with the list, and some are NSFW. In the end, it might be TMI anyway. The list was compiled from this post and its... [Read More]

Some thoughts on a fresh install of gvSIG

I just did a fresh install of the just-released gvSIG 1.10. This is a nice Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) GIS that is written in java, so it runs pretty much anywhere, even from a flash drive. So I downloaded the installer, set up the execution permission (I’m on... [Read More]
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Nature by numbers

[EN] - A beautiful video about how math and geometry relate to some aspects of nature. In the author’s site, there is also a nice page with the mathematical background of the concepts shown in the video, like the Fibonacci sequence and Voronoi tessellation. [Read More]