Um layer ou Uma layer??

UM layer ou UMA layer?? Essa pergunta sempre aparece por aí. Tenho amigos que dizem “uma”, outros usam “um”. [Read More]
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Twitter and email acronyms

This is just FYI, but if you’re lost in the middle of all the acronyms going around, this might be useful. maybe you find yourself LOL with the list, and some are NSFW. In the end, it might be TMI anyway. The list was compiled from this post and its... [Read More]
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AGU Fall Meeting - wrapping up

[EN] Well, after five days in San Francisco, I’m on a plane to New York, for a bit of tourism in New York before leaving the US (and the cold) back to the Brazilian summer. This was on big meeting, by far the largest I’ve been. As usual, conferences are... [Read More]
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